The following terms and conditions ("Terms & Conditions") govern your use of the iTruck Dispatch service which may consist of web sites, mobile applications, installed applications, and service offerings ("Service"). By accessing, viewing, or using the content, material, or services available on or through this Service, you ("You") indicate that you have read and understand the Terms & Conditions herein and as they may change from time to time, and that you agree to them and intend to be legally bound by them. “You” refers to the individual using the iTruck Dispatch and if You use the Service on behalf of a corporation, LLC, partnership, or other business entity, then You shall include that business entity and any individuals associated therewith using our Service. Once You accept these Terms & Conditions, You hereby acknowledge and agree that at anytime, and at its sole discretion, iTruck Dispatch may modify the Terms & Conditions by posting the modified Terms & Conditions on the Service, accessible via a link entitled iTruck Dispatch Terms & Conditions associated with this agreement and/or Site or any successor site explicitly designated. If You do not agree to these Terms & Conditions, You are not granted permission to use this Service.


You acknowledge that our service is a neutral venue where customers may meet; as such we have no control over the quality, safety, or legal aspects of the transactions that may take place.


iTruck Dispatch freight match services:

You are a bona fide shipper, freight broker, 3PL, freight forwarder, inter modal or rail company or motor carrier of a legal age to operate and to enter into an agreement of this nature.

You shall maintain appropriate authority and will cease immediately to use the iTruck Dispatch service if for any reason You no longer maintain such authority.

  • You will not represent yourselves as operating under the authority of any company without express permission from such company.
  • You will not attempt to broker freight without proper legal authority.
  • You will not enter into any transaction to transport freight without the appropriate carrier authority. You must be authorized as an interstate carrier to use iTruck Dispatch in any way that involves interstate transport. If you are an intrastate carrier only, you are strictly prohibited from the use of iTruck Dispatch other than for intrastate purposes.
  • You will not enter into a transaction to transport freight outside the geographic bounds of your carrier authority
  • You will not enter into a transaction to transport commodities You are not authorized to transport.
  • You will not enter into any transaction to transport freight on equipment that fails to meet any applicable Federal or State regulations.

That your use of the iTruck Dispatch Service is solely for your commercial purposes related to your movement of freight or other services offered by iTruck Dispatch on the Service and that You shall not reproduce, republish, resell, or distribute such information in any format, in whole or in part, for sale or commercial use by third parties.

Your access or use of the Service is not for the purpose of competing with iTruck Dispatch respect to the services offered on the Service. You agree any violation shall create irreparable harm.

That without prior written permission of iTruck Dispatch , You will not allow non-registered users access to the iTruck Dispatch Service and will never provide your account details to any non-registered user, nor will You share any information from the Service with any non-authorized users. It is a violation of these Terms & Conditions to share your login.

You shall not resell or assign your rights or obligations under these Terms & Conditions.

You agree that any violation of the above warranties may result in (1) immediate termination of your registration and access to the Service, (2) enforcement by iTruck Dispatch availing itself of any other legal remedy under state and/or federal law. If a legal remedy is sought by iTruck Dispatch, You shall be responsible for legal costs, including without limitation, reasonable attorney fees.

You shall conduct your business in an ethical manner and shall not engage in any illegal, deceptive, misleading or fraudulent practice.

All seats provided under your office subscription are for use by your employees or agents located at the physical address listed on your subscription agreement. If desired, your employees may download a second copy of the application on a home computer for temporary or occasional use for company business. Your subscription does not cover your employees or agents that are employed at a different location from the one listed on your subscription agreement. A separate subscription is required for each business location used by your agents and employees.

Job aggregators are not allowed to post jobs on the iTruck Dispatch Service and You agree such access may be terminated at any time.


iTruck Dispatch presents information in many ways; most often on our websites; always as a service to You. Our goal is to provide the most accurate information available in our complex and constantly changing transportation marketplace. While we endeavor to be as accurate and timely as possible, we make no warranty or guarantee concerning accuracy, reliability, completeness, or suitability, and provide all information AS IS. Use of our Service is at your own risk. iTruck Dispatch does not make safety determinations; we report safety data using government data including, but not limited to FMCSA records. iTruck Dispatch is not involved in the actual transaction between buyer and seller. While we may help facilitate, we have no control over and do not guarantee safety or legality. It is your sole responsibility, as a user of the Service, to check the credentials, including but not limited to the safety/authority record, of any party introduced to You by our service and ascertain that such party will meet your transportation needs.


iTruck Dispatch may, from time to time, at our sole discretion, make changes to certain of the Terms & Conditions. Notification of any changes will be highlighted on the iTruck Dispatch Service associated with this agreement or Site, accessible via a link entitled iTruck Dispatch Terms & Conditions, in advance of any such change. Your continued use of the Service after any changes shall constitute your agreement. iTruck Dispatch reserves the right (1) to modify, discontinue or suspend any aspect of our Service or site at any time, and (2) to impose limitations/restrictions or restrict access to our Service without notice or liability.


iTruck Dispatch may disclose to You, or You may otherwise learn of or discover, our documents, business practices, object code, source code, management styles, day-to-day business operations, capabilities, systems, current and future strategies, marketing information, financial information, software technologies, processes, procedures, methods and applications, or other aspects of our business (“Our Information”). You hereby agree and acknowledge that any and all of Our Information is confidential and shall be our sole and exclusive intellectual property and proprietary information. You agree to use Our Information only for the specific purposes as allowed by these Terms & Conditions. Any disclosure of Our Information to a third party, specifically including a direct competitor, is strictly prohibited and will be vigorously challenged in a court of law. All obligations contained herein shall survive the termination of this agreement. Furthermore,You acknowledge that Our Information is proprietary, confidential and extremely valuable to us, and that we would be materially damaged by your disclosure of Our Information. You acknowledge and agree that monetary damages provide an insufficient remedy for the breach of this confidentiality obligation, and that we shall be entitled to injunctive relief.


To access our Service You must register. You agree to provide true, accurate and complete information as prompted by the registration form and all forms You access in our site or receive directly from a iTruck Dispatch representative, and You agree to update this information to maintain its truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness.


This Service may provide certain services that are available to You via your mobile phone or other mobile device if You have downloaded an application or subscribed to them, including the ability to use your mobile device to receive and reply to messages from iTruck Dispatch and access certain other features (collectively, the "Mobile Services"). Your mobile carrier's normal messaging, data, and other rates and fees may apply to your use of the Mobile Services. You acknowledge that use of Mobile Services, including location information, is subject to network capabilities, environmental conditions such as structures, buildings, weather, geography, landscape, and topography, available data, atmospheric conditions and other factors. Use may be limited to mobile devices located in the United States. In addition, downloading, installing, or using certain Mobile Services may be prohibited or restricted by your mobile carrier, and not all Mobile Services may work with all carriers or devices. Therefore, You are responsible for checking with your mobile carrier to determine if the Mobile Services are available for your mobile devices, what restrictions, if any, may be applicable to your use of the Mobile Services and how much they will cost You. By using the Mobile Services, You agree that iTruck Dispatch may communicate with You by SMS, MMS or other electronic means to your mobile device and that certain information about your usage of the Mobile Services may be communicated to iTruck Dispatch. In the event You change or deactivate your mobile telephone number, You agree to promptly update your mobile subscription account information with us to ensure that the messages iTruck Dispatch intends to send to You are not sent to another entity who acquires such mobile telephone number. Due to coverage limitations, iTruck Dispatch location information or data received through Mobile Services should not be used for or relied on for emergency location or safety purposes.